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There are clearly some drivers that outperform others when it comes to ease of use, but before i give you my suggestions, let me explain how i arrived at. Automatically that makes it harder to hit in the air and keep straight. Why you cant hit your driver as straight as your irons. It is easy to rush when you are making a driver swing, often causing you to not take the proper amount of time at the top of the backswing to let your body and the club get in perfect position. Stay back for longer, straighter drives me and my golf. Two keys to crush your drives long and straight the golf. Michael breed, host of the golf fix, shows you how to hit a driver straight by rotating your shoulders properly. Cobra max driver cobras longest, easiest to hit driver featuring designs that help to deliver easy high launch and easy straight ball flight. In your opinion, what is the easiest to hit driver you have ever swung. You need to set the ball more forward in your stance, since the. Lots of golfers struggle with the driver when it comes to how they.

Firstly learn how to hit the centre of the golf club. Your driver is one of the most difficult to hit clubs in your bag. The easiest driver to hit best driver for average golfer. Taylormade is the best driver brand in golf, no questions asked. Butch harmons best driver tips will get you hitting it straight and long.

Hitting the driver straight duke university golf course. The secret to hitting a golf driver straight and far. Finding the center of your driver face, aka the sweet spot, can help with your consistency. The grip is the connection between you and the golf club and rxs design cut no corners here using a great feeling, premium quality lamkin grip on every tless driver.

Im sure youll agree that drivers are hard to hit straight. How would you like to hit more up on the driver to hit longer, straighter drives. A large address, low pro le 460cc head with a thin face helps. Most golfers struggle to hit their driver as well as they hit their irons, which makes scoring very difficult especially on courses with tight fairways. How to hit a driver 5 fundamentals golf podcast, news. I tend to struggle off of the tee because my driver can send the ball in both directions slice and hook. In this buying guide, we show what the best golf drivers for beginners are. Nothing is better than hitting balls farther and more precise off the tee. Many beginners tend to place the ball exactly in the middle. An easy analogy is the difference between a 3 iron and a 9 iron. Whether you are a novice at the game of golf, or you have been playing for years, you know how frustrating it can be to make a clean swing and a straight shot. The cobra max driver is our longest, easiest to hit driver featuring designs that help to deliver easy high launch and easy straight ball flight. The new d200 proved very easy to hit straight, work to the left and easy to adjust. Here is a list of the top 5 easiest to hit drivers for high handicappers.

And at the end of the day, you have to travel a set amount of distance on each hole, and hitting the ball further as long as its straight can only help you play better. Question i get asked an awful lot in my day to day work. Good news is that taylormades m1 works great with all types of golf swings whether its a slow or a fast one, and can also be used by beginners. Lowest prices on cobra drivers at golf discount free shipping on. But a lot of golfers dont hit drivers very far or straight because they dont. Here julian is talking about driving, if you like this and find it helpful please share with your friends if. Top tracer technology, employed by nbc, cbs, the golf channel, and others, shows us real time data, such as 180 mph ball speeds and 335 yard carry distances. Top 5 easiest to hit drivers for high handicappers. I analyzed the details of their testing to guide my conclusions. Most amateur golfers swing that club head at a speed of.

By golftec digital theres hardly a more satisfying feeling than nailing a. I consulted a number of reputable golf sources that tested these drivers. Let us show you the easy concepts you need to understand to hit better drives. One of the most valued gold club drivers in the top 10 easiest drivers to hit straight was the callaway ft9. Ideally, there should almost be a pause at the top not a complete pause, but more like a slight hesitation that allows your body to gather and the club to switch directions and fall into the slot for the downswing. The driver struck tin the video sailed long and straight with minimal effort and only really a 70% golf swing for demonstration purposes but this drill. Top 5 easiest drivers for beginners and high handicappers to hit. The nike sq str8fit is said to be one of the best adjustablehead drivers designed by nike as of yet. Driving the ball straight off of the tee can be the difference between a birdie and a bogey. Also, check out the latest list of the top 5 easiest to hit drivers for high handicappers 2020. Dominate with your driver in three easy steps february 8, 2017 you just spent a few franklins on a hightech new driver, hoping to buy yourself 10 to 15 extra yards. For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out.

Beginner golf swing tipstop 5 easiest to hit drivers for. Easiest golf driver to hit, what should i be looking for. The latest golf drivers have new tech that makes them easier to use and helps minimize slices and draws. These 20 golf driving tips will teach you stepbystep how to increase your distance. The problem with bombing off the tee and gouging from the rough is that for us average golfers, it only works percent. It is said to be easy to hit from the rough and fairway and when it comes to hitting off the tee. Question i get asked an awful lot in my day to day work teaching golfers. How to hit your driver straight, easiest swing youtube. For me strangely enough it is the sasquatch squared, i. With a smooth swing i find the driver as easy to hit off the tee as a 3. New variable weight technology provides up to 30 more yards for senior men and women with slow swing speeds. One of the hardest things to master in the game of golf is hitting the ball straight. This simple golf drill will teach your golf swing how to hit driver straight and far this is a nice drill to help you hit your driver on the upswing.

Learn these 5 fundamentals of how to hit a driver properly and youll send the ball sailing long and straight every time. There are clearly some drivers that outperform others when it comes to ease of use, but before i give you my suggestions, let me explain how i arrived at these conclusions. And sometimes we need a little help from the fairways on those long approach shots when we are at that upper range of our irons or hybrids. Get the right shaft to hit your driver straight and long. Learn how to hit a driver with our videos filled with tips and techniques from certified pga instructors. This video is about how to hit a driver straight every time. A righthanded golfer hitting the ball to the right of the target but on a straight line is hitting a push shot. Its one of the most playable drivers out there, making. With a little bit of practice time, you can likely learn to hit a fairly straight tee shot by making a few simple adjustments that will help match up key ball flight factors. Playing from the fairway makes golf much easier, and getting good distance on your drives means you. The callaway ft9 is said to be a forgiving driver which gives the golfer a combination of versatility, control and distance. Golfers of all abilities struggle with how to hit driver. Their new drivers always make it on the top professional, college, amateur, and junior golf tours, and for good reason. Your divot, if there is one, will point right of your target line.

Michael breed how to hit a driver straight the golf. What scares the devil out of me is hitting a driver from a. Line the ball up with the inside of your dominant foot in front of you. From the research that ive seen, the average male is swinging his driver at 85 miles per hour 7 kph and the average female is swinging her driver at 75 miles per hour 121 kph.

This driver has been a hit since its initial release. For the following collection of 10 best golf swing tips ever what we view as indispensable tips for swing and short game drills golf tips consulted some of its top. Every driver they have released in the past 5 years has been very easy to hit and extremely long. How to drive a golf ball straight every time drivers, golf tips leave a comment by jon here at our main aim is improve our readers golfing ability and we regularly. The secret to hitting your driver better the left rough. While not the longest in the world or necessarily the nicest to look at, it. Additionally, if youre interested in what makes a driver easy to hit, please continue reading below.

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