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This can be accessed by selecting contents from the help menu in the main screen of ywriter5. Jan 17, 2014 you can find my christian fantasy novel and follow my blog, where i talk about my selfpublishing journey with all its ups. Download the latest zipped version of ywriter5 here. None of the antivirus scanners at virustotal reports anything malicious about.

Win98 and win2k users should be able to use it, but those operating systems are unsupported. Clunk, the elderly robot, is a qualified pilot with years of experience. He wouldnt last five minutes without a longsuffering sidekick, and thats where clunk the robot creaks into the picture. Hal spacejock 03 just desserts by simon haynes hals newfangled, bargainbin stasis generator has just failed, exactly as clunk predicted, and now their valuable cargo of fresh food is in danger of rotting away. I wrote my first novel on ywriter and greatly appreciated the scene organization structure and simplicity of use. Before you begin, you should make sure that you have read the help file.

If ywriter5 is running for the first time, the following message will appear. Unlike a word processor, ywriter displays your novel in chapters and scenes, making it much easier to keep track of everything. Spacejock software is the work of simon haynes, australian author and programmer. Simon haynes is an australian writer of speculative fiction novels and short stories, particularly the hal spacejock series.

On a windows xp system, it will be in drive letter. If you want to keep all your ywriter5 or 6 settings, look for the spacejock software\ ywriter5 or ywriter6 folder inside %appdata% just enter that in windows explorers path field to open the hidden windows folder. It will not write your novel for you, suggest plot ideas or perform creative tasks of any kind. The only thing aspiring authors grapple with more than organization is, ironically, actually writing. Ywriter5 was developed to work on windows xp, windows vista, windows 7, windows 8 or windows 10 and can function on 32bit systems. The only exception is importing from ywriter1 which was never released. The ywriter group is a mailing list where you can ask questions, exchange tips and information on the program, search for answers and interact with fellow users and writers. May 12, 2017 ywriter was developed by one person, simon hayes, operating under the business name spacejock. Haynes also uses his experience with computers to write software which he designs for himself and then shares for free through his website. Free novelwriting software designed by veteran author and programmer, simon haynes. You can watch my free ywriter video tutorial below. The program is functionally identical to the latest ywriter5 release, except ive tidied up the editor window a bit. It was created by nanowrimo participant simon hayes, author of the hal spacejock series of books.

Simon hayes, programmer and designer behind spacejock software and author of the hal spacejock series, uses the pay what you like model, where he gives his software away, and trusts that people will tip him or maybe buy one of his ebooks or even become a patron. A robot named clunk the first book in the hal spacejock. But the dealbreaker for me is the difficult crossdevice synchronization. Home of hal spacejock, harriet walsh, hal junior and robot vs dragons.

You have a well written long synopsis, well fleshed out characters, and an event list that has been divided into representative chapters. The setup package generally installs about 12 files and is usually about 6. May 22, 2018 another writers software we have found through one of the many newsletters we get from other writers is called ywriter. Oct 01, 2018 simon hayes, programmer and designer behind spacejock software and author of the hal spacejock series, uses the pay what you like model, where he gives his software away, and trusts that people will tip him or maybe buy one of his ebooks or even become a patron. Simon haynes author of the hal spacejock and hal junior. The actual developer of the free software is spacejock software. While hayes lets anyone use the software for free, he does offer the option for people to register. At almost 400 pages this is the biggest book on my list, and ive read it through three or four times. Facebook page for simon haynes, author of the hal spacejock and hal junior series. I was happily surprised to find out that simon haynes, over at spacejock software has released ywriter 6. Hal spacejock features a charming but misguided freighter pilot by the name of hal. Created by spacejock software, ywriter offers full service without charging a cent.

This is a companion series to my earlier post, free scrivener alternatives. A book on punctuation which reads more like a bill bryson title. That added a couple of steps for even minor revisions. Every program is free to download and use except fcharts pro, which has a free trial. The program is a novelspecific word processing program which creates each novel as its own. Dignified, wise and intelligent, hes just what you need when consquences are. Importing an existing work into ywriter is fast and easy. Elements of fiction writing series each of these books cover a different aspect of writing. You can reorder scenes using drag and drop, and you can print out a number of reports summary, synopsis, scene list, work schedule. It is a free, fullyfunctional writers software package that was created by a writer and offered for free on his website. Spacejock software ywriter, ybook, fcharts and more.

Why you should be using ywriter to plan out that pesky novel. Home of ywriter, the free novelwriting software completely free. It allows you to see your scenes, chapters, characters, settingsand just about anything else you can think ofall at a glance. Free writing software designed by the author of the hal spacejock and hal junior series.

Jul 19, 2009 ywriter, a free spacejock program available at spacejock. Disclaimer ywriter is a product developed by simon haynes. This text editor breaks your novel into chapters and scenes, characters, locations allowing you to arrange your writings and manage big projects. Jul 12, 2018 image via spacejock software because i cant resist a good cliche but wait, theres more. Almost ten years after ywriter1 first saw the light of day, ywriter5 is easily the most popular app in the spacejock software stable. Tools for writing 6 ywriter well be looking at a pc tool in this part of the series, and its one that is squarely aimed at the structured approach. Create ebooks using ywriter and calibre a howto guide based on my own experience calibre is a freewareopen source ebook reader and compiler. This page is not a recommendation to remove ywriter5 by spacejock software from your pc, we are not saying that ywriter5 by spacejock software is not a good software application. You may also receive perks like discounts on book publishing and possible extended features for registered owners. A scheduled task is added to windows task scheduler in order to launch the program at various scheduled times the schedule varies depending on the version.

Aug 25, 2018 how to write a fantasy novel in ywriter5. Adding multiple chapters no longer causes an unexpecting reordering in the chapter list. This site is not directly affiliated with simon haynes. This quickstart guide was written by rowena taylerhenry in 2008, and was based on an early release of ywriter5. Therefore, ive converted the pdf to html and have pasted the entire file here so that contributors to the wiki can update the information. Visit ywriter site and download ywriter latest version. Every version of ywriter can import files from all previous versions. It will convert between many formats, but i got the best results when i exported my novel to html and used that as the input file. The original file was a pdf, and my efforts to obtain the html source were unsuccessful. The software lies within business tools, more precisely project management. What he lacks in wisdom, patience and money he more than makes up for in bravado and good intentions. It became challenging to publish to print book as i had to pass through word to get formatting for amazon. There are more in the series, these are the ones ive read. Unfortunately, his current fleet consists of an ancient rustbucket of a ship.

This is breaking news for me, but it turns out that the newest software was released in july 2015. Read on to learn about writing a fantasy novel in ywriter5. The problem is, most word processors pack a huge amount of hidden code into a simple html file, and all this cruft can lead to oddlooking formatting when you convert the files to ebooks. And its not just for novels ywriter is also handy for notetaking, using the chapters as categories and scenes for separate files. For the nononsense or lowbudget author, spacejock softwares ywriter is a free alternative that dumps the themepark visuals for a more conventional interface packed with. Hal spacejock, the pilot, dreams of running a huge, intergalactic freight company. A robot named clunk the first book in the hal spacejock series. Scrivener you have a lot more power to structure things however you like, nesting documents and folders backups and restores equal both possess good backup functionality. The setup package generally installs about 8 files and is usually about 1. Feb 06, 20 at this point, you should have three tools to help you develop the scenes of your story. Perfect for novellists projects are split into chapters and scenes, makes writing a book so much easier. How to use ywriter like i did to create your own novel book. This text only contains detailed info on how to remove ywriter5 in case you want to. For some reason i felt like checking to see if there were any updates to one of my favourite pieces of software.

And its not just for novels ywriter is also handy for notetaking, using the chapters as categories and scene. It is free to use, but those who wish to support the creator can register the software for a fee. Pour cela, il permet dajouter des chapitres, des scenes, des personnages, des objets ou encore des lieux. The main website discusses ywriter features, allows you to download the program, and contains information about updates. It allows you to break your novel into chapters and scenes within chapters. Scrivener vs ywriter5 april 24, 2015 september 1, 2016 jon stephens there are dozens of tools out there that are designed to help make the writing process easier, a lot of which are targeted towards nonlinear writing.

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